R&D Department of the Elenos Group

The R&D Department of the Elenos Group is a strategic function of the company organization.
R&D’s primary responsibility is to build and preserve the competitive advantage of the group.

The team comprises a large group of highly specialized engineers who, collaborating in an open, global environment, generate innovative ideas and creative solutions in all areas of broadcast, particularly Radio and TV. The team is constantly engaged in researching new technologies and developing new products that incorporate hardware, software, proprietary embedded firmware, and innovative industrial design elements, providing extreme ease of use, guaranteed operation and low power consumption.

The Elenos R&D team represents the centre of excellence for the study and application of radio frequency, shared among all the companies of the group; the Itelco R&D team concentrates its experience in the development of new solutions in the field of TV and on radio frequency applications for the scientific sector; the PTV Team represents the vanguard in the areas of modulation and pre-correction; the Binary Core Team (a spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano) is specialized in the development of algorithms for radio systems and telecommunication systems; and the BE team brings its deep experience in the area of digital radio.
R&D is undoubtedly a significant strength of the Elenos Group, capitalizing in its global presence and incorporating the ideas of its diverse membership.

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