The Elenos Group: Innovation lives here

Our Research and Development team

A dynamic multi-national technology company must be based on its R&D team, and for over 58 years, the Elenos Group has done just that. With a global engineering team spanning three countries and six offices, the team works under the careful guidance of Morten Simonsen, the Elenos Group head of development.

There are a wide range of disciplines among the 21 engineers, from DSP and FPGA development, to mechanical and thermal design, to RF amplifiers (both state of the art solid state, and super high power tube devices), to specialized combiner and filter design, as well as Linux and operating system work. Then there are the teams that layout the multilayer PC boards and do advanced modeling and CAD.

Lamezia is a scenic city in the historic Calabria region of Southern Italy. It has a number of important Elenos Group R&D engineers, with specialties including general RF and RF hardware design, transmitter software development, high efficiency power supplies and combiner and filter development.

In Milan, Italy we have an academic focused on technical writing and patent applications.

Orvieto is in Central Italy, in the province of Terni, on a site populated since Etruscan times. It’s also the headquarters of Itelco, and the location for many of the senior R&D team members who work in hardware and software development, mechanical design and PCB layout with a focus on RF critical boards.

Ferrara, Italy dates from the 6th century, and is home to many beautiful Renaissance palaces. It is also the home of Elenos, as well as the corporate headquarters of the Elenos Group. Leonardo Busi, the CEO of the Elenos Group, and a skilled and experienced engineer in his own right is based here and directs the vision of the group from Ferrara. Joining Leonardo in Ferrara are engineers who specialize in RF and software design, mechanical design and documentation, and thermal / fluid dynamics simulation and development.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, you’ll find a number of experienced DSP and FPGA developers, as well as software engineers who specialize in Linux. Copenhagen is the home to ProTelevision and several of these engineers have been with the company from its beginnings from the Philips days.

In Quincy, IL, the home of Broadcast Electronics, on the banks of the Mississippi River, our R&D team has more than 33 years of experience and is responsible for much of the development of the STX series, as well as HD Radio design. The heart and soul of the Elenos Group, and its constituent companies Elenos, Itelco, ProTelevision and Broadcast Electronics has always been, and continues to be high level broadcast engineering design, and the group continues to invest in new and exciting technologies. Innovation lives in the Elenos Group.

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