WXVO – WeatherVision upgrades with Broadcast Electronics TV transmitters in Biloxi


Redundant high efficiency amplifiers and software defined Pro Television Exciter reduce operating costs, and prepare for ATSC 3.0 future.

Elenos Group, a global market leader in designing and manufacturing broadcast products including transmitters for TV, AM, FM and HD Radio®, content management software and cloud-based network monitoring solutions has completed the installation of Broadcast Electronics high efficiency solid state VHF digital TV transmitter for WXVO-LD.

WXVO-LD serving the Biloxi, Mississippi market operating on RF channel 13, Virtual Channel 7 as Ocean7.  WXVO-LD broadcasts 7 digital TV channels including Antenna TV, Grit TV, SonLife Network, Laff TV, Court TV and Mystery TV and is the flagship station for WeatherVision which provides stations nationwide with affordable customize local weather from degreed on-air meteorologists.

“The installation went smoothly, the transmitter is performing great and delivering more power and I couldn’t be happier” said Edward Saint Pe, President of Weathervision 7.

Saint Pe was recently awarded the 2022 Mississippi Association of Broadcasters lifetime achievement award for his tireless service to the Mississippi Broadcast community.

The 1200-watt transmitter featured Broadcast Electronics dual redundant next generation high efficiency Doherty amplifier technology that reduces energy consumption and operating costs. All BE television transmitters feature Pro TV inside technology which provides a software defined exciter that can simply switch from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0 with a click of a mouse, allowing WXVO  to upgrade when they are ready on their time table.

The project was sold and installed thru BE partner MaxxKonnect Group, Joe Myers Sale Manager.  MaxxKonnect engineers Josh Jones and Paul Burt completed Pre-installation Inspection, Installation, Training, Testing and commissioning.

“We are pleased to be selected by Edward Saint Pe and his team at WXVO to help them deliver reliable multi-channel digital television coverage for Biloxi and beyond.” said Perry Priestley, Chief Sales Officer Broadcast Electronics. “We are confident they will enjoy reliable, cost effect operation for years to come, and can simply switch to ATSC 3.0 when they are ready.”

About Elenos Group 

Elenos Group provides market leading solutions for software-based content management, Radio & Television transmission, and scientific applications of radio frequency for advanced physics, biomedicine and aero-spatial development.
The Elenos Group has been providing high tech solutions for broadcasters under the brands of Broadcast Electronics, Elenos, Itelco and Pro Television for nearly 65 years in over 170 countries.

All of our products and services come from a heritage of creativity and innovation unmatched in the industry. Visit www.elenosgroup.com for more information.

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