Elenos Group, a global market leader in designing and manufacturing broadcast products including transmitters for TV, AM, FM and HD Radio®, content management software and cloud-based network monitoring solutions is pleased to announces it has completed the installation of Itelco high efficiency solid state liquid cooled digital TV transmitters for the challenging Rai Way M. Cammarata Transmitting Center in Sicily located at 1578m above sea level.

Rai Way is the largest network operator in Italy, providing broadcast infrastructure for over 90 years delivering information, culture, and entertainment to millions of Italians every day. Rai Way selected Elenos Group to provide Itelco transmitters as part of a nationwide investment in upgrading terrestrial digital television infrastructure.

A key requirement for the systems was a seamless transition from DVB-T to DVB-T2 transmission standards with the same hardware. All Itelco television transmitters feature ProTV Inside technology which provides a software defined exciter that can simply switch from one modulation to another with a click of a mouse, allowing Rai Way to make the change remotely with out the need to deploy staff to the site for a costly upgrade.

Itelco’s next generation high efficiency Doherty amplifier technology reduces energy consumption, operating costs and prepares Rai Way to support the EU Green Deal target to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 55% by 2030.

Elenos Group delivered 3 redundant Itelco 1+1 DVB-T/T2 2500 W liquid cooled transmitters for operation on Mux A (Ch26), Mux B(Ch40) and Mux R (Ch37), including all required RF filters and switching systems.

Elenos Group Project & Sales Area Manager Modesto Sandullo lead a cross functional team including partner Sielte, and senior engineers from Ray Way for Inspection, Installation, Training for Site Personnel, Site Testing and ON-AIR commissioning.

“We are honored to help Rai Way deliver reliable next generation television coverage across Italy.” said Luca Buscherini, Elenos Group Commercial Director. “We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the skilled and professional Rai Way engineers and technicians who were key to make this project a joint success.”

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