Dedicated, reliable and creative broadcast solutions

We are a group of 4 brands, providing state-of-the-art Radio and TV broadcast equipment worldwide, for all modulation standards.


Elenos was founded in 1977 in Ferrara, Italy. Focused on providing a range of FM Transmitters featuring the most compact products on the market



Broadcast Electronics was established in Quincy, lllinois in 1959, BE has an illustrious history that has played an influential role in many radio milestones



Itelco Broadcast began in 1962 in Orvieto, ltaly Specialized in digital modulation and
high-power liquid-cooled systems


Protelevision is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced
future-proof modulation solutions for Digital TV and Radio standards

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Discover Elenos Group

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After a long time, the main TV tower of Russia finally opened its doors to Elenos

The first and only English speaking radio in Russia, CapitalFM gave its preference to Elenos

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Seven low power Elenos FM transmitters (plus one spare) were employed

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