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The Philosophy of the Elenos Controller

The latest Elenos devices feature a controller not that differerent from that of Margareth Hamilton’s team

Elenos Group interviews Stelio Montebugnoli, scientist at Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligences project

You might meet Stelio Montebugnoli in his Castel San Pietro, a stone’s throw from Bologna, at the bar or at mass. Because despite being one of the few prominant Italian astronomers known to the international scientific community, he has never forgotten his roots. Throughout his career he has listened to […]

Innovative single and three-phase power supply design

Elenos is among the few in this industry to have a dedicated department for the design of switching power supplies. We recently designed a new supply to power a future ultra-compact solid state broadcast amplifier, for either FM or TV, with either air or liquid cooling. The power supply is […]

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