Girassol FM Launches new FM station in Angola with Elenos and Sitemaster

Girassol FM with Sitemaster and Elenos

Elenos Group, a global market leader in designing and manufacturing broadcast products including transmitters for TV, AM, FM and HD Radio®, content management software and cloud-based network monitoring solutions announces that multi-platform media group Rede Girassol selected Elenos to provide complete transmission solutions to launch their new FM station including an Elenos Indium ET10000, 10Kw high efficiency solid state FM transmitter.

Elenos partner, Sitemaster worked closely with Girassol FM for planning, installation and commissioning services, and jointly selected Elenos for providing the best combination of excellent energy effect, superior audio performance, ultra-reliable operation and industry leading “customer first” support.

“The climate of Luanda means makes the reduction of air conditioning loads and energy consumption of the radio station are critically important,” said Miguel Rio from Sitemaster. “Elenos’ icefet® technology delivers ultra-high energy efficiency and long-term cool operation, which substantially lowers cooling and electricity costs for Girassol FM.

All Elenos transmitters employ several unique features that deliver long term, reliable operation. All circuit boards have a special coating, coupled with an aluminum chassis to protect from corrosion and deliver reliability. Redundant fans ensure ample air flow for cool operations and the exclusive lifeXtender® control algorithm keep the transmitter operating at the highest safe power level even in the event of total fan failure.

“We are pleased to help Rede Girassol extend their multi-platform media network to FM Radio,” said Luca Buscherini, Elenos Group Commercial Director. “Working closely with our partner Sitemaster, this new transmitter ensures that Girassol FM has the latest available technologies to provide the best quality and coverage for local audiences while lowering total cost of ownership with market leading energy efficiency and reliability.”

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